Mould Making

Below is a list of the 37 CTMA Members. Click on any member name for more information on that member.

Company City, Province Telephone Contact
Aarkel Tool and Die Inc. Wallaceburg, ON (519) 358-5830 Mr. Larry Delaey
Accurate Machine & Tool Ltd. Toronto, ON (416) 661-3621 Mr. Peter Bodi
Active Industrial Solutions Windsor, ON (519) 737-1341 Mr. David Read
Aluminum Mold and Pattern Ltd. North York, ON (416) 749-3000 Ms. Susan Beamish
Amerjy Tool and Mould Stoney Creek, ON (905) 662-6464 Mr. Jay Garden
Anchor Danly Cambridge, ON (519) 740-3060 Mr. John Lammers
Anchor Danly Montreal, QC (514) 525-5560 Mr. Richard Deschamps
Anchor Danly Windsor, ON (519) 966-4431 Mr. Paul Brisebois
Arlen Tool Co. Ltd. Windsor, ON (519) 944-4444 Mr. Wayne Martinuik
Calframax Technologies Inc. Oldcastle, ON (519) 737-9990 Mr. Raymond Little
Canada Mold Technology Inc. Woodstock, ON (519) 421-0711 Mr. Riki Iwano
Cavalier Tool & Manufacturing Ltd. Windsor, ON (519) 944-2144 Mrs. Brenda Quint
Circle 5 Tool & Mold Inc. Lakeshore, ON (519) 727-6400 Mr. Saylo Lam
Compact Mould Ltd. Woodbridge, ON (905) 851-7724 Mr. Miguel Petrucci
Crest Mold Technology Ltd. Oldcastle, ON (519) 737-1546 Mr. Ed Bernard
Cutting-Edge Technologies Windsor, ON (519) 737-9966 Mr. Sean O'Neil
Dominant Mold And Duplicating Inc. Windsor, ON (519) 737-1980 Mr. Frank Hong
FGL Precision Works Inc. Toronto, ON (647) 288-1212 Mr. Tom Meisels
Garrtech Inc. Stoney Creek, ON (905) 643-6414 Mr. Tony Paget
Glider Guard Tool & Die Inc. Oldcastle, ON (519) 737-7313 Mr. Brad Cox
H. J. Machine & Pattern Ltd. Waterloo, ON (519) 746-7077 Mr. Gurjinder Jammu
Hallink RSB Inc. Cambridge, ON (519) 624-9720 Mr. Jason Warmington
Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd. Bolton, ON (905) 951-5000 Mr. Dennis Sanchioni
Intex Tooling Technologies Aurora, ON (289) 840-1095 Mr. Mark Hoeflich
Mega Mold International Inc. Maidstone, ON (519) 979-5111 Mr. David Thibert
Metric Mold (1983) Inc. Oldcastle, ON (519) 737-1311 Mr. Rick Allison
Milacron Canada Corp. Windsor, ON (519) 948-5001 Mr. Gary Thibert
NeoVision Technology Inc. Windsor, ON (519) 737-1122 Mr. Phil Malenfant
Prothane Ltd. Milton, ON (905) 878-7233 Mr. Sean McTear
Redoe Mold Company Ltd. Windsor, ON (519) 734-6161 Mr Dave Sanders
Solo Tool & Mold (Windsor) Ltd. Windsor, ON (519) 944-1705 Ms. Karen Riosa
Top Grade Molds Ltd. Mississauga, ON (905) 625-9865 Mr. Vince Ciccone
True North Molds Ltd. London, ON (519) 455-3377 Mr. Geoff Anderson
Tycos Tool & Die Concord, ON (905) 669-2350 Mr. Ron Nesselberger
Unique Tool & Gauge Inc. Windsor, ON (519) 737-1159 Mr. Darcy King
Wentworth Mold Ltd. Brantford, ON (519) 754-5400 Mr. Tar Tsau
Whitfield Welding Inc. Oldcastle, ON (519) 737-1814 Mr. Sean Whitfield