Advanced Software & Machine Training Fund

UPDATE: July 11, 2011 … Due to the overwhelming response to this program, NEW APPLICATIONS are NOT BEING ACCEPTED at this time.

June 10, 2011 … The CTMA is pleased to announce that the Province of Ontario is providing $900,000 in funding from Communities in Transition to reinstate the CTMA’s successful advanced software training program that mitigated training costs for the Ontario machine, tool, die and mould sector.  Minister of Economic Development and Trade, Sandra Pupatello made the announcement at a press conference that was held yesterday at Electromac (a CTMA member company) located in Windsor, Ontario.

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The association was represented at the press conference by Emerson Suphal, CTMA President; David Glover, CTMA Vice President; Colin Docherty, CTMA Windsor Chapter Chair; Ed Glover, CTMA Honourary Member, and Les Payne, CTMA Executive Director.  At the press conference, Les Payne thanked The Honourable Minister Sandra Pupatello for providing this second CiT funding package which will allow us to mitigate the cost of Advanced Software and Advanced Machine training to enhance the skills of Ontario employees within the tooling sector, thereby enhancing the globally competitive companies that they work for.   In 2008-09 the CTMA was able to provide 2,700 training days of advanced software training to over 570 employees at 72 Ontario companies. We estimate this first government investment directly leveraged over $1.6 million from the companies involved and the testimonials that we received at its conclusion were absolutely staggering – one company alone purchased a new 5-Axis Machining Centre in response to the increased skills of their employees – at a minimum cost of $500,000 this was quite an investment by the shop involved.

In his comments, Les stated that “a successful tooling industry produces many parts for many industries and having worked with many Ministers over the years, no Minister understands and has supported our industry like Minister Pupatello.  From the first prototype Black Berry Casing, the Canada Arm Prototype, Cast  Aluminium Pillars on the Canadian Embassy in Washington, a Stanley Cup replica (to house the ashes of a Famous Hockey Coach), the CNC-cut maple leaf on the Dieppe Monument here in Windsor and in France, let alone numerous trains, planes & automobiles which are all products of the tooling industry.  The CTMA looks forward to competently administering this additional grant to improve Job-Creation – Job Security for the employees and companies that will access this program and we thank you for your trust in us once again.”  Les also thanked Desmond Griffiths & Ron Truant for their generous hospitality in allowing the press conference to be held at Electromac which is a fine example of the need for highly trained skilled people here in Ontario.

Ontario machine, tool, die & mould companies interested in applying for funding are invited to submit a funding request to the CTMA office using the Application Guidelines.

For more information, contact the CTMA office at 519-653-7265, or Les Payne, CTMA Executive Director, or Julie McFarlane, CTMA Office Manager

NOTE:  Minister Sandra Pupatello has since announced she will not be seeking re-election in October and we wish her well in her future endeavours.