Member Benefits


The CTMA is a non-profit trade association that represents and promotes the interests of the Canadian tooling and machining industry, both nationally and internationally.  The association was established in 1963 and represents the “Tooling Industry” which includes companies that design, manufacture, repair or assemble tools, dies, moulds, jigs, fixtures, gauges, machinery, machining systems, robotics, automation equipment, models, patterns, general jobbing machine shop products and cutting tools.

Although trade association membership does take time and money, consider these benefits – each offers an excellent financial return on your investment and it’s a fantastic way to grow both personally & professionally:

  • Marketing:  promote the capabilities of your company both domestically and internationally to help grow your business beyond your current boundaries.
  • Competitive Edge:  access to up-to-date information and benchmarking statistics on industry trends, business conditions, industry wages and best practices to help you avoid costly mistakes and expenses.
  • Advocacy:  provides a strong, unified voice representing your interests on a local, provincial and national level; communicate with elected officials on behalf of your industry on regulatory and compliance matters.
  • Education & Training:  provides relevant and practical plant tours, presentations and seminars to differentiate you from your competition; support and promotion of apprenticeship and advanced training programs.
  • Networking:  provides opportunities for you to gain access to potential business partners, customers, suppliers and even make new friendships that can help you grow your business.
  • Savings Programs:  provides discounts on courier services, industrial risk insurance, and rebates on booth space at selected trade shows.

We encourage you to be industry-responsible and become an active member of the Canadian Tooling & Machining Association.  

Let us collectively do for you and your industry what you can’t do on your own!!


Fill out a Manufacturers’ Membership Application, a Associates/Suppliers Membership Application or contact us at, (519) 653-7265.