BOS Innovations has developed a mature industry 4.0 technology solution that accelerates the successful transition of its machines into production. And now, it can be added on to your machines too for a trial period.

Introducing Proximity Data, a secure and intuitive solution for machine analytics gathering and reporting. Choose between two (2) intelligence tiers for either productivity monitoring (Production package) or a more detailed analysis of rhythm, machine state and faults (Performance package).


  • Allows for remote monitoring and management of equipment
  • Enables optimizations and reduces future downtime events
  • Intuitive user interface to simplify interpretation of complex data
  • Adapts to changing business needs, scaling up or down without extensive physical infrastructure investments
  • Features comprehensive device connectivity, integrating with a wide array of industrial IoT devices
  • Real-time data gathering and utilization
  • Provides in-depth analysis of machine performance to aid in predictive maintenance and enhance operational efficiency
  • Secure SaaS platform that enables optimizations and reduces future downtime events
  • 25+ years of industrial automation expertise for a more robust level of machine data (e.g.: deep fault analytics)
  • Unique dashboards for informed decision-making and strategic planning
  • User-friendly, customizable system to improve performance and production output

Take advantage of our introduction offer and contact us today to get a 60-day free trial of Proximity Data (Performance package). Elevate manufacturing mastery with Proximity Data from BOS!

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