Here, you’ll find the available resources when seeking information on apprenticeships. Whether you’re looking to find apprentices, or a looking to start an apprenticeship, the resources below can help.


Support Ontario Youth, also known as SOY, is a federally registered charity that works closely within the apprenticeship landscape to provide support, mentorship, and guidance for those seeking to be part of the skilled-trades solution.
The team at SOY takes the time to listen and provide supports based on the needs of anyone interested in the skilled trades. SOY’s purpose and mission are to share accurate information and be a complete and transparent resource regarding the apprenticeship pathway, in an effort to simplify the process and set individuals up for success.
As a valued partner, SOY works with CTMA to help further our vision of a holistic approach to not only address the current skilled-trades gap, but also to help streamline and modernize the apprenticeship journey.

You can find more information about Support Ontario Youth by visiting


Tradespersons who create precision parts and tools for the manufacturing industry are skilled workers whose abilities are in great demand today as Canada’s manufacturers strive to be globally competitive.

Entering a precision machining/tooling apprenticeship can lead to a rewarding career in an industry continually challenged by new technologies, new materials and the rapidly changing market demand for new products.

There are many careers to choose from in this industry, and we’ve put together a Career Booklet to provide you with the different career paths available and how to start your new journey.

Career Booklet Cover

View the Career Booklet here.

Apprentice Search: Connecting Employers and Apprentices across Ontario addresses Canada’s skilled trades shortage by working to drive awareness of the trades and make connections between employers and job seekers. Visit