Not many people know the true value of their scrap metal. They oftentimes just put it in the scrap dealer’s container and let the dealer pick it up and take whatever money they get.

In a lot of cases, if the scrap dealer knows that you don’t know the worth of your scrap metal, they will take advantage of you. Here at Dundee Recycling, we know the value of a good and strong relationship and we always want to ensure we pay you properly for it.

The reason a lot of companies don’t get paid properly for their scrap metal is that their scrap dealer hasn’t done a good job of showing them how to maximize the value of their scrap stream. It’s sometimes a lot of effort to properly sort your scrap metal, and it isn’t always easy to do.

Hopefully, the scrap dealer you currently are dealing with has made the effort to spend time with you and your team on the shop floor. Scrap metals have certain values, and you must know and be informed from someone who knows, and that should be your dealer.

At Dundee Recycling, we take pride in the effort we go through to let our customers know how to maximize the potential revenue of their scrap, which goes right to the bottom line.

Here’s how you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to your scrap metal:

Know its value

When it comes to scrap metal, each metal has a different value and experienced people know that. If you just accept whatever you are given, you will not be earning as much as you should. Take some time to do proper research on the different kinds of metals you have, so you know what you should get paid for it.

Separate it

One of the best ways to ensure you get the most money for your scrap metal is to sort it properly based on type, and value. Not all scrap metal is worth the same.

If you produce different scrap waste streams of scrap metal, and if space permits, you should have different scrap containers for those different types of recyclable metals.

If you produce steel turnings, have steel solids left over, and it makes sense to keep it separate, you should—as it will generate more money for your company.

If you produce any nonferrous scrap, such as aluminum, the difference in value between the alloys can be quite significant.

Build Relationships

Establish a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with your scrap dealer and ensure the business is reputable. A trustworthy recycling company will give you a fair price for your scrap, while also correctly recycling it so others can eventually reuse it.

We at Dundee Recycling are working together with our current customers to ensure the highest return for their scrap and even if we don’t handle your scrap now, let us come to your facility and show you how you can garner more revenue for your scrap.

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